Why Google Account Recovery Process is Perfect Fit for Recovery Issues


Check Out The Process For Recovering Google Account Password

Google account is basically a user account which is used by zillions of users for accessing various Google services and apps. Besides, this user account is also used for accessing various third-party apps and services. However, there are few users who face issue while recovering their password. Fortunately, the developers have devised a procedure to tackle this situation too. So, if you are facing issue with the Google account recovery process, you can try out the simple steps provided.

Recovering Google Account Password

  1. For recovering Google account password, the user needs to launch the sign in page of their Google account.
  2. Then, enter their Google ID and click on Next option.
  3. After that, select forgot password link to launch Google recovery page.
  4. Now, the user again needs to enter the Google ID in the provided field.
  5. Thereafter, the user will be provided with the recovery options where you need to click on the particular option.
  6. If the user wishes to receive a code via text message option then, the code will be provided with a code on your phone number.
  7. And if user select send the code via email option, the user will be provided with a code through email.
  8. Thereafter, when prompted, the user needs to enter the code in the provided fields.
  9. Further, once your account is verified, the user is required to create a new password for their Google account.
  10. Once the new password is created, click on save all changes option.
  11. Thereafter, the user can use the new password for accessing their Google account.

Besides, the stated procedure, the user can also opt for the security questions option for Google Account Recovery. And in case, if you still face any issue, you can contact Google help page for assistance.